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EM news bureauFriday, March 18, 2016, 14:24 Hrs  [IST]

Yande Polymers has been manufacturing quality rubber products since 1983. We understand that in the power generation sector, planned or scheduled maintenance or incidental breakdown maintenance is very important. It has to be attained in a time bound manner to avoid power generation losses. We design, make and deliver our products very promptly in assured time.

We have successfully developed our products for generators and turbines that all user generally prefer to get it from OEM only. OEM rates are too high as their overhead charges are high and their delivery time is also 18-20 months. Maintenance works cannot hold for such a long time. Our prices are 25 percent of the OEM prices.

We    also    undertake    continual   R&D on our products and as per parties’ requirement or specifications; we have developed gaskets for ash slurry lines. We are also supplying number of traditional Neoprene rubber gaskets to one of our customers. We have been supplying thousands of such gaskets for their ash slurry lines running into many kilometers.

This customer has trouble with the ash slurry lines that gasket used to perform well for a few months after which leakages were observed. Finding and fixing the leakage was both problematic and tedious. After observing this problem we started R&D on gaskets. After almost five years of effort of our technical R&D team and the whole- hearted support of our customers, we could successfully develop a specially formulated rubber gasket that gave zero leakages for a minimum period of one year.  Even after one year of usage the gaskets were still found to be in their original condition. Even though our specially developed gasket is a bit costlier, but due to its superb performance, they save on high costs  of attending leakages  replacement,  etc. our specially developed  gaskets  are now being regularly supplied to several customers, and even as an OEM product.

We have also developed special-grade Viton rubber oil seal for roller journal assembly that efficiently replaces traditional oil seals. In case you require any sort of advice on difficulties you face from time to time in dealing with rubber, we will be delighted to send our well experienced technical representative to solve your problems. We can also design as per your utility at your works or site.

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