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Otis elevator company's positioning on Maharashtra’s new law for elevators, escalators, moving walkways

EM News BureauThursday, November 30, 2017, 16:06 Hrs  [IST]

Otis has for long, been an advocate of tightening regulations to include safety requirements in all states and championing the cause of having a unified code standard across all states. Otis India therefore applauds this move. 

Considering the rate of continuing urbanization and with it the proliferation of escalators and travolators, it is imperative that the law also includes these other two building transportation systems. This is even more important because the larger public is exposed to these travel mechanisms.  Much time has passed since the law has been enacted over 60 years ago. The new law will now consider technological advancements, new products, machinery, mechanisms, tighter safety protocols etc.

Under the current situation, while there are standards issued by the Bureau of India Standards, these serve as guidelines and are only mandatory if enacted by the state legislation. Examples of such states are – Kerala, Karnataka, Haryana and Tamil Nadu. In addition, 6 other states have enacted their own Lift Act and Rules, but these are mandatory in those states only. When the law is enacted in Maharashtra, the standards will cover a large section of the elevator, escalator and travolator market which is a welcome move.

Once the law is enacted by the Maharashtra government, the standards will be governed by the IS code, the benefits of which will be two fold:  a) IS code are constantly updated which means all units will have to be up to date constantly on new and current standards. b) Secondly the IS code is aligned to the ISO code, which are the governing international code body. This means that all units will eventually be at par with international quality and safety mechanisms. This is boost the safety of the riding public and mechanics as well. Otis products meet or exceed code standards around the world.

At Otis, safety is fundamental to everything we do and we are supportive of industry efforts to raise awareness on the importance of adopting such standards. Otis is a member of Bureau of Indian Standards, on two committees – the elevator and escalator committee, as well as National Building Code of India which are championing this cause. BIS is a member of the ISO technical committee. Sebi Joseph, the President of Otis India is currently the Chairman, Vertical transportation division, Indian electrical and electronics manufactures’ association (IEEMA).

Source: PR