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Lapp Group exhibits innovative products

EM NEWS BUREAUMonday, May 09, 2011, 15:39 Hrs  [IST]


Untitled - 25.jpgThe Stuttgart-based Lapp Group demonstrated its power for innovation with impressive e-mobility solutions at the Hanover Fair. The big draw at the stand was the Lorinser Easybrid®, a car that had been converted into a hybrid vehicle by the Swabian tuning specialist, without any alterations to the engine or the gearbox. With this Easybrid®, the Lapp Group showcased how easy refuelling would be in future with the LAPP CHARGE system. The innovative charging system, which was developed together with Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH from North Rhine-Westphalia, did win over customers with its ergonomic design and numerous safety features. The design and colour scheme could be adapted to the customer's needs, for instance by adding the manufacturer's logo to the vehicle. LAPP CHARGE meets the VDE standard, which was defined with input from several renowned automotive manufacturers.

Lapp also displayed a range of charging variants that are ready for series production. A spiral cable can also be used as a connecting cable. This is halogen-free, flame-retardant, oil-resistant and suitable for use in temperatures from -40°C to +90°C. Those specifications make it perfect for use in harsh conditions. Werner Becker, CEO of Lapp Systems, part of the Lapp Group, said: "This kind of cable must function reliably in all weather conditions. In addition, it shouldn't be possible to drag it inadvertently across the ground when recharging or to damage the vehicle with it. That is why we are offering this charging system as a bespoke solution and recommending the use of special, flexible spiral cables."

The complete connector series comprises plugs and a range of different flush-mounted socket designs. In the future, additional contacts in the connectors will be used to exchange data between the vehicle and the power supply.

In addition to products for the charging infrastructure, Lapp also provides high-voltage cabling for the next generation of vehicles. These high-voltage cables are used in the vehicle interior and can be customized using different connection technologies. Lapp also has its own patented connection solution for use in this sector.

Untitled - 26.jpgNew industrial connector: The new EPIC® ULTRA has a modern appearance and a high-quality, shiny surface. This innovative new development in the field of EPIC® industrial connectors was presented for the first time at the stand of by the Stuttgart-based Lapp Group at the Hanover Fair.

The rectangular connector housing is absolutely scratch, impact and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for use in harsh conditions, e.g. on offshore wind turbines and biogas power plants. When combined with the SKINTOP® Brush screwed cable gland, the connector is absolutely EMC-resistant, as the nickel-coated housing forms an all-over metallic shell that functions like a Faraday cage. This is especially important for the transmission of sensitive BUS signals.

The new housing combines a number of advantages: the SKINTOP ® screwed cable gland is built into the shell, which guarantees the best possible sealing and strain relief, and also allows fast assembly, as the SKINTOP® does not need to be screwed in separately. The lip seal between the hood and the bottom part of the housing is inset to provide better protection against mechanical damage. The seal in the panel mount base that connects to the wall seal is also a built-in part of the housing. This prevents losses while also making installation easier. In short, the new housing protects the sheathed, shielded cables and the connector even better than before.

The new EPIC® ULTRA is slightly smaller than the old die-cast aluminium model and an even better fit, thanks to the thinness of the die-cast zinc walls. This gives developers and designers more room to play with, as the trend towards increasingly smaller products is also prevalent in the mechanical and plant engineering sectors. The clamping brackets are made of high-resistance stainless steel.