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UPS Industry: Challenges Ahead

EM NEWS BUREAUThursday, May 12, 2011, 15:38 Hrs  [IST]

Untitled - 62.jpgThe Indian UPS industry is by and large a matured industry but it does have its share of concerns. Firstly, the number of business units manufacturing UPS is very high, especially in the micro enterprise category. These are predominantly kit assemblers that manufacture low-quality products with practically no after-sales service.

The basic technology for manufacture of UPS is generally available in the country though it is at the medium level. However, despite availability, technology cannot be readily deployed because of lack of an adequate component base. The industry is heavily dependent on imports for critical components.

The number of foreign collaborations in the smaller UPS category (less than 1 kVA) is not very high. Financial and technical collaborations are largely seen in the higher kVA rating.

In the case of electromechanical and mechanical components, gaps in the technical know how and production expertise exist in areas of lower micron engineering and precision tooling. In the lower kVA UPS range, there is lack of standardization of equipment.

When one compares UPS made in the domestic market (not by multinationals), there is a marked difference in aesthetics. Models available abroad are sleek, light and use better display electronics.

It is also felt that though Indian manufacturers are carrying out R&D, lack of funds militate against the development of international-quality products.