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EM NEWS BUREAU ,  Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 11:08 Hrs  [IST]

Manish Motwani— Manish Motwani, Managing Director, Kinetic Communications Ltd

Part of the Firodia Group, Pune-based Kinetic Communications has emerged as a leading producer of printed circuit board assemblies for diverse applications. KCL has so far manufactured over 1.5 million PCBs catering to sectors like automobiles, power electronics, among others. In this interaction with Electrical Monitor, Manish Motwani speaks about the competency, product range and future plans of KCL. Motwani construes power distribution as also green energy initiatives as big business drivers for KCL.

To begin with, tell us in brief about the different types of PCBs made by Kinetic Communications and the products/industry verticals to which they broadly cater to?
Kinetic Communications Ltd is a part of the Firodia Group of companies, one of the pioneering groups in automotive in India. KCL is located in Pune-the auto-hub of India. KCL has been offering electronic manufacturing since March 2000. Since its inception, KCL has manufactured more than 1.5 million PCB assemblies for various applications required in various sectors such as automotive, industrial, power electronics, consumer goods, etc.

KCL has its 20,000 sqm manufacturing facility located in Chinchwad, Pune with over 140 employees and the best equipments for PCB Assembly. KCL has an unique all round ability for designing, proto developing, validation, assembling and complete testing of PCB assemblies for diverse applications.

KCL's major customers include Tata Motors Ltd, Behr India Ltd, BHTC India Ltd, Minda Valeo Security Systems, Mahindra Two wheelers Ltd, Emerson Network Power India, Philips Electronics Ltd, Ducati energia, Calearo (both from Italy), among others.

Tell us in some detail about the PCBs made by you for products used in electricity distribution and consumption chain.
KCL's product range includes PCB Assemblies for various application sectors such as automotive, consumer, industrial, etc. Body Control Module PCB, Rectifier PCB, Clock PCB, AC Control Unit PCB, UPS PCB are few products to name.

Which segments of the manufacturing sector will be your biggest business demand drivers in the years ahead?
We expect growing demand in the areas of green energy and energy conservation sector.

Untitled - 16Please discuss your manufacturing facility and R&D setup.
KCL has world class, state of art manufacturing facilities for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly & functional testing. Our quality system TS16949:2009 has been certified by TUV Nord. We have all the design expertise to take the product from concept to mass production level.

We have very experienced team of around 180 employees with 30 engineers to design and develop defect free products including embedded system development. We are well equipped with all automatic machines comprising of world class machines from Yamaha, Fuji, Electrovert, etc.

KCL has expertise in concept designing, PCB designing and programming, and is equipped with all the necessary equipments for prototype development. We have various validation facilities like burn in test jig, vibration tester, humidity chamber, etc. Besides, all the equipments are equipped for ROHS compliance manufacturing.

Having produced millions of high quality PCB assemblies, quality systems, quality assurance and quality control are the top most priorities.

Though KCL caters to a wide range of industry verticals, are there some untapped avenues that you might like to explore in the coming years?
We believe that the segment of medical instrumentation is a potential area for KCL as more and more electronics are being used in this field for diagnostics and other preventive tests and treatments.

Various segments of the Indian manufacturing sector are contending with competition from Chinese suppliers. What is the scenario with PCBs?
In PCBs, we also have a huge competition as compared to Chinese suppliers. Thus, at KCL, we have created a special strength and positioning by catering to "full life cycle of product development". We can add value by being an integral part of the product design and development cycle from concept designing, prototype development and validation to mass production.

Untitled - 17A PCB is a "hidden" component in an appliance but still plays a critical role. Can you elaborate on this criticality?
A well-designed PCB will perform up to the mark in field with consistency in long term quality, reliability and throughput. All the necessary protections should be taken care of during the design level taking into consideration the various aspects and the environment to which the PCB in a product is going to be exposed to.

What are prospects from power distribution?
Yes, we definitely foresee growth of KCL in the power distribution sector.

Please summarize the growth plans of KCL over the medium term.
Our focus at KCL will be on aggressive and exponential growth in the coming years with a special emphasis on the automotive segment. This is based on two key trends. First, the Indian auto market is itself growing by leaps and bounds and is slated to grow at the rate of 20 per cent annually. Secondly, we now see more and more electronics in a car that ever before. In fact, it is seen that use of electronic technology in an automobile may exceed the use of mechanical-based technology. Today's car riders are seeking more and more functionality that gives them a convenient ride, more gizmos and more comfort are becoming key differentiating factors in a car.

These features, such as automatic climate control, interactive and graphic user interface, automatic switch on and off of lights based on external conditions, are all based on use of electronics in automobiles.

KCL, thus, aims on capitalizing on these trends and leverage its existing base to grow rapidly by providing the PCBs for such applications, based on a complete solution approach- from concept to manufacture.
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