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Zero-Drift Op Amps – Overview and Applications
Semiconductor companies are constantly attempting to find new ways to brand their products and concisely highlight the feature sets of those products. This is certainly true within the world of operational amplifiers. More>>

Power Efficient Battery Formation/Testing System with Energy Recycling
Lithium-Ion batteries are widely used in portable equipment such as laptop computers and cellphones, but due to their low storage capacity of less than 5 Amp-Hour (Ah), concern over manufacturing efficiency has taken a back seat to manufacturing cost. Meanwhile, batteries used in vehicles have much higher More>>

Messung Group partners with Distech Controls of Canada
Automation player Messung Group has announced its partnership with Distech Controls, headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Messung Systems Pvt Ltd (Messung) has been appointed as master distributor, serving the Indian market. More>>

Harmonics in Electrical Power Systems
Electrical circuits carry currents of undesirable frequencies besides fundamental current of 50Hz or 60Hz. Fundamental current performs the intended work of More>>

Protecting Revenue through Smart Meter Electronics
Various trends are driving an increase of electricity theft worldwide More>>

What's wrong in consuming reactive power?
If millions of users start consuming considerable amount of reactive power, the power utility company will collapse in losses. More>>

Power Conversion: The Old Analog versus Digital… or Analog AND Digital?
Emerging hybrid, or mixed-signal, power conversion controllers entering the marketplace are turning the More>>

Supreme plays big role in 1,200kV hardware
So far, the highest voltage at which the power is transmitted is 765kV/800kV Quad lines More>>

Transformer innovations aimed at the smart grid
Presently, transformers are single function devices – regulating voltages from one level More>>

Embedding Intelligence into Switchgear
Switchgear is an assembly of switching devices, associated with regulation More>>


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