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Small hydropower development in India

Em News Bureau ,  Friday, September 14, 2012, 17:25 Hrs  [IST]

Small HydropowerprojectsIn India, hydropower projects with installed capacity of up to 25 mw are classified as small hydropower (SHP) projects and their responsibility is vested with the Union ministry of new & renewable energy (MNRE). There is a sub-classification of SHP projects as pico, mini, micro, etc (see table). The estimated potential for power generation in the country from SHP projects is 15,380 mw from 5,718 identified sites. Out of this, about half lies in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. The plain regions in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Kerala also have sizeable potential.

MNRE has been providing Central Financial Assistance to state governments and private sector to set up SHP plants. The ministry is also giving support towards survey and investigation (S&I), preparation of DPRs, project monitoring, and also training through Alternate Hydro Energy Center (AHEC), IITRoorkee etc.

MNRE is also giving special emphasis to promote use of new and efficient designs of water mills for mechanical as well as electricity generation and setting up of micro hydro projects for remote village electrification. These projects are taken up with the involvement of local organizations such as the Water Mills Associations, cooperative societies, registered NGOs, village energy cooperatives, and state nodal agencies.

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State Gross Potential
Installed Capacity Under Execution Untapped Potential
(per cent)
Karnataka 747.59 871.75 126.18 ---
Himachal Pradesh 2,267.81 466.37 106.85 74.7
Maharashtra 732.63 281.33 7.00 60.6
Andhra Pradesh 560.18 192.63 62.05 54.5
Punjab 393.23 154.50 21.15 55.3
Uttarakhand 1,577.44 146.82 217.25 76.9
Kerala 704.10 141.67 60.75 71.3
Jammu & Kashmir 1,417.80 130.59 6.65 90.3
Tamil Nadu 659.51 111.69 18.00 80.3
West Bengal 396.11 98.40 84.25 53.9
Total for top 10 states 9,456.40 2,595.75 710.13 65.0
Rest of India 5,927.75 656.40 287.67 84.1
Total 15,384.15 3,252.15 997.80 72.4
Source for basic data: MNRE Annual Report, 2011-12

The total installed capacity of SHP projects, as of March 31, 2007 (end of X Plan) was 1,975 mw. This was achieved by adding a capacity of 537 mw during the Plan period. The XI Plan target was 1,400 mw with financial allocation of Rs.700 crore. The target for the first four years of the XI Plan was 1,050 mw, against which 1,066 mw was achieved. The target for FY12 was 350 mw against which achievement up to December 31, 2011 was 209.50 mw.

As of December 31, 2011, a total of 864 SHP projects aggregating 3,252 mw were set up, of which 313 projects aggregating 1,586 mw were in the private sector. In addition, 340 projects of about 997 mw were in various stages of implementation.

In the XII Plan (FY13 to FY17), MNRE expects 2,100 mw of new installed capacity to come from SHP projects. MNRE has also suggested practices to improve the pace of implementation of SHP projects.

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Plant Capacity Type
Up to 10 kw Pico
10 kw to 100 kw Micro
100 kw to 2 mw Mini
2 mw to 25 mw Small
Above 25 mw Large
Note: 1,000 kw = 1 mw
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