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Indian wind energy is at par with even developed countries

Renu Rajaram ,  Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 15:26 Hrs  [IST]

Kailash Tarachandani— Kailash Tarachandani, CEO, Kenersys India Pvt Ltd

Kenersys is a worldwide operating manufacturer of wind turbine generators. Founded in 2003 as an engineering company focused on wind energy, it became part of the Kalyani Group in 2007. Kailash Tarachandani discusses the company’s aggressive plans to tap the opportunities in wind power generation with Renu Rajaram. Active government support is needed to boost the wind energy market in India, feels Tarachandani.

India’s power deficit is running at 8-10 per cent in recent times. What role can renewable energy generation play in the given circumstances?
The total commissioning is around 2,50,000 mw while the deficit is around 20,000 mw. The contribution from the renewable sector is 5,000 mw per year. Around 25 to 30 per cent of the deficit can be address by the renewable sector.

India has the third largest wind energy market in the world, with an estimated wind potential of 100 GW onshore. How is Kenersys geared up to tap emerging opportunities?
Kenersys is geared up to capture a minimum of around 10 per cent market shares over the next 2-3 years. To enable achieving this, Kenersys has already introduced technologically advanced Class III turbines such as K98 (1.8 mw), K110 (2.4 mw) and K120 (2.3 mw) which are ideally suited for Indian wind regime and grid conditions.

Kenersys is also geared up in building the necessary land banks, power evacuation facilities, etc to offer a turnkey solution to the end customer. The product already offered by Kenersys such as K82 2MW in India is one of the most successfully model and has been widely accepted by IPP customers. Since Kenersys has already established a decent track record in Indian market, we are confident of getting a pie of 10 per cent in the Indian market. Major localization plans are underway to offer cost-effective products to our customers.

How far does India lag behind in the use of wind energy as compared to other developed countries?
India is not really far behind the developed countries as perceived. The fact is other than China, India is at par with other developed countries like Germany, Spain and US especially in last three-four years. In fact in India the appetite for wind energy is far better than countries like Germany, Spain and US. As a matter of fact, some of the OEM from Germany and Spain has already setup their subsidiaries in India to meet the Indian market demand.

In 2011, Kenersys opened its first manufacturing facility at Baramati in Maharashtra. Tell us about more about this plant.
The Baramati plant is set up over an area of 35 acres and a built up area of 5,600 sqm and was commissioned in early 2011. In combination with the German production plant in Wismar, Kenersys has a global production capacity of 1,000 mw, categorizing it to manufacturing capacity at Wismar is about 180 machines per year, while the Baramati plant has a capacity of 250 machines a year on a single shift basis.

What are the advantages of Kenersys turbines compared to others available in the market?
Like the other members of the Kenersys turbine family – the medium wind speeds turbines K82 (2.0 mw) and K100 (2.5 mw), the low wind speeds turbines K110 (2.4 mw), K98 (1.8 mw) and K120 (2.3 mw) were designed on the Kenersys platform with highly efficient and highly reliable Synerdrive Technology™.

The Synerdrive Technology™ makes Kenersys turbines efficient and reliable as unique features makes the turbine independent from grid and climate influences. It features the Gridshaper™, the full conversion system that provides perfect grid integration without relevant changes. Coolride™ is a sophisticated cooling circuit that makes the turbine independent from climate other atmospheric conditions. Even if there is a grid shutdown the turbine can supply the grid directly after quick start–with the Kenersys patented Internal Supply Unit™ that supports the power electronics with constant voltage and frequency even if the grid has tripped. All these factors set Kenersys apart from the other players in the market.

Kenersys IndiaHow many kinds of turbines does Kenersys produce in India? Tell us about your total installations so far and your major customers.
We manufacture K82 (2.0 mw) wind turbine generators (WTG) for sale in the domestic market. We have plans of producing the K120 (2.3 mw) and K98 (1.8 mw) WTGs in India. We have installed 43 K82 (2.0 mw) WTGs aggregating 86 mw in India. Our major customers are Tata Power Company, Poonawala Group, Renew Power, Oriental Green and C-WET, to name few.

Development of renewable energy sources depends not only on private capital but also on government support. What is your view on extant government policies supporting wind power development in India?
Wind energy projects are in general not standalone and depend on fiscal benefits such as Accelerated Depreciation, Generation Based Incentives and REC, besides lucrative feed-in-tariffs. Hence, it is imperative to have fiscal benefits and attractive tariff so as to meet the threshold project returns expectations of the investors. Thus, policy support from both Central as well as state governments is critical for sustained growth of wind power sector in India.

Tell us about Kenersys plans to expand its footprint in the growing Indian wind energy market.
Other than Maharashtra, Kenersys has already spreads its wings in other states like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan to take advantage of the lucrative policies and also the advanced technology of Kenersys.
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