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Performance In Q2 FY13 Electrical equipment industry remains in negative zone

Em News Bureau ,  Wednesday, February 06, 2013, 17:05 Hrs  [IST]

IEEMA StudyThe depressed performance of the electrical equipment industry continued in the second quarter of FY13. According to a study released by The Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), the $25- billion electrical equipment industry posted a negative growth of 4.1 per cent in the second quarter of FY13, following the 2.1 per cent decline seen in the first quarter. The first half of FY13 ended with the industry shrinking by 3.6 per cent against a positive growth of 7.7 per cent seen in the same period of FY12. (See table.)

Key industries like transformers, power cables, capacitors and switchgear that represent 60 per cent of the overall industry suffered declines. For instance, the transformer industry shrunk by 16.1 per cent in Q2 of FY13—worse than 7.6 per cent in the immediately preceding quarter. Power cables and capacitors suffered declines of 14.5 per cent and 38.2 per cent respectively in the quarter under review. The switchgear industry that showed consistent growth up to the Q1 of FY13 slipped into negative territory in the second quarter with a decline of 4.7 per cent.

Power transmission equipment like transmission towers and conductors displayed positive growth during the second quarter. While towers showed 6.5 per cent growth, conductors did even better to notch up a 29 per cent increase. The transmission towers segment grew also on account of a better performance on the exports front, the IEEMA study pointed out.

The rotating machines segment (motors) recovered slightly, witnessing a positive growth of 0.8 per cent in the second quarter of FY13 against a negative growth of 2.6 per cent in sequential quarter Q1 FY13. This is mainly due to revival in demand for HT motors and LT motors to some extent due to execution of long pending orders from power generation and major core sectors.

Untitled Document
(% change over previous year)


Rotating Machines 6.3 -0.7
LT Motors 12.4 -8.3
HT Motors 25.1 -9.9
Alternators -21.5 27.0
FHP Motors -6.8 7.7
Switchgear 2.4 -1.4
Power Contactors -6.8 -5.6
LT Circuit Breakers -2.3 8.4
MCB 21.4 6.8
S/F & F/S Units 3.8 0.9
HT Circuit Breakers 0.0 -7.0
Cables 23.5 -14.4
Power Cables: PVC -5.0 -9.3
Control Cables 88.0 -27.6
Transformers 4.5 -12.7
Power Transformers 14.8 -8.4
Distribution Transformers -2.8 -16.7
Capacitors 13.8 -32.8
HT Capacitors -13.4 -24.6
LT Capacitors 27.4 -36.9
Energy Meters 10.8 0.1
Power Transmission -3.7 14.5
Transmission Towers -9.6 5.6
Conductors 3.1 25.7
Overall Industry 7.7 -3.6

Commenting on the industry’s performance in the second quarter of FY13, IEEMA President J. G. Kulkarni said “We have witnessed the second consecutive negative growth in FY13, and this is an alarming statistic for Indian electrical equipment industry. Despite having a strong demand for electrical equipment in domestic market, Indian manufacturers are uncompetitive in their own country. An absence of a level playing field in the country for domestically manufactured equipment vis-à-vis imported equipment has made it difficult for domestic players to compete with overseas manufacturers; especially from China, who have emerged as a clear threat over the years. Imports of electrical equipment in the country have assumed very threatening proportions and have now captured 43 per cent of the market for electrical equipment in India valued at Rs.1.75 lakh crore in FY12, whereas there is significant domestic overcapacity.”
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