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Today, business is global; even local clients are quality-conscious

EM news bureau ,  Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 12:17 Hrs  [IST]

—Shailesh Patel, Partner, Elecmech Switchgear & Instrumentation

Tell us about the various types of control panels designed and manufactured by Elecmech.

We manufacture LT PCC/MCC/power & lighting distribution boards/generator synchronising panels /junction boxes and HT-LT bus ducts.

Elecmech has been in the panel business for over 50 years now. Tell us in brief about how the control panel industry has evolved in terms of sophistication. How has Elecmech evolved in these decades?

We have designed and mastered drawout PCC/PMCC and MCC. Similarly instrumentation panels now have more takers. We cater to all.

What have been the key strengths of Elecmech and how do you maintain your edge over the competition?

The only key word here is maintaining quality and limiting price to lowest possible. The latter not being clients’ criteria for deciding orders.

There is a feeling that control panels, though an important part of a project, often get little attention and limited budget. This results in an important area of power distribution and control getting compromised. What is your view?

Not really. Electrification is as important, or even more important, than other aspects—be it civil, mechanical or piping. It is allocated sufficient Budgets, but again Client wishes to keep cost down to bare minimum.

We understand that control panels also have to meet certain official standards. However, clients and even most micro and small panel manufacturers don’t take them seriously. What is your view?

Today business is going global. Even local clients are now quality conscious. Getting products type-tested in line with latest IEC or relevant standards has become an unsaid norm to maintain quality and an edge over competitors. If not taken seriously, such players shall get edged out.

Tell us about your R&D setup and the type-testing of your panels.

Our R&D engineers are constantly working to upgrade our products and offer the best to our clients. All our panels are type-tested at national accredited laboratories like ERDA, Vadodara and CPRI, Bangalore.

Who are your major clients? Do you cater equally to both private and public sector entities?

Major public and private sector entities constitute our clientele. Some prominent names are Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, Gujarat State Fertilizers, Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals, Reliance Industries, Adani Group, etc.

Apart from your Elecmech brand for panels, you also have, as we understand, the “Dynamic” brand. Tell us more.

This brand is now on hold. We no longer manufacture flameproof boxes.

Please summarize your expansion plans in terms of addition of capacity, expansion of product range, widening of geographical reach, etc.

We have expanded our Ahmedabad works in terms of area and resources. We expect to have a surge in our sales turnover within few months depending on market trend.
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