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CableBuilder users put themselves in a great position

EM news bureau ,  Saturday, December 19, 2015, 15:39 Hrs  [IST]

Albert-Groothedde-_small.jpg—Albert Groothedde, CEO,

Tell us in brief what CableBuilder—Cimteq’s software for the cable industry that is brought to the industry by Innovites—does for cable manufacturers.
The success of the sales department in this industry can be defined by simply multiplying two factors:
  • the number of quotes that the company issues to customers
  • the quote to order conversion ratio
CableBuilder helps cable manufacturers to excel at both factors. By implementing CableBuilder, the calculations of all technical and commercial properties of the cable can be automated. A new design and a quote can be produced in just minutes, rather than hours. This dramatically improves the productivity of the sales and engineering team. Also the workflow capabilities further streamline the processes, to avoid all delays. So CableBuilder allows our customers to produce more quotes with the same resources.
CableBuilder can also automatically generate the necessary technical documents, such as TDS with a consistent high quality. Human errors are avoided. The software is also capable of creating 2D and 3D drawings with photo-like quality.
Who will win the customer order? The company that responds to the RfQ fast and with consistent high quality quotes. Our customers put themselves in a great position by using CableBuilder.

Does InnoVites have exclusive partnership with Cimteq for CableBuilder?
Yes, InnoVites is the exclusive partner for Cimteq in India. We implement CableBuilder at our customers in India and around the world. The long-term partnership of InnoVites with Cimteq is based on our common business strategy to have an exclusive focus on the wire and cable industry.

CableBuilder has been in India for nearly eight years now. How has the journey been and who are your major clients in India?

It has been an interesting time actually. The first years were challenging while we were building our team in India and doing our first implementations for customers at the same time. I am very grateful to our employees in India who worked hard to make it a success. Our customers in India include Polycab, CCI, RRK, LAPP India, Siechem Cables, and many more. As you can see, CableBuilder is scalable and can be used by the largest, but also the smaller cable manufacturers.

Is CableBuilder sold as a standard package or it is customized as per the client’s requirements? Does CableBuilder to all types of cable makers (power, control, instrumentation, telecom, etc)?

CableBuilder is a standard software and used to design all types of cables, from LV and MV to instrumentation and optical fiber cables. All cable manufacturers have their unique capabilities in terms of production resources and engineering philosophy. Cimteq understands this and made CableBuilder completely flexible. In the implementation we configure CableBuilder to the unique requirements of our customers.
The flexibility of CableBuilder allows the engineering team to continuously experiment and innovate the designs while securing the lessons-learnt in the CableBuilder library.

Tell us about your setup in Hyderabad and how it is equipped to handle clients with respect to installation, product training, after sales support, etc.
InnoVites has offices in The Netherlands and Hyderabad, India. In Hyderabad we have our development, consultancy and customer support team. From this office we serve our customers in India and abroad. Our exclusive focus on the wire and cable industry allows our employees to be specialized in the processes that are specific for customers. Our experience with projects across the country and across the world also enables us to identify best practices in the industry and support our customers in making improvements in their operations.

India has a huge class of marginal players in the home cables sector (cables of up to 1,10oV). Do you feel that CableBuilder can help the better ones of the lot to turn into “formal” players?
Sure, with CableBuilder they can formalize their engineering operations to achieve the quality level needed to enter new markets. As explained earlier, CableBuilder can also assist the sales team in producing high quality quotes faster.

Large domestic cable manufacturers are moving towards extra high voltage cables. Does CableBuilder cater to such products as well?
Sure, CableBuilder is not only capable of dealing with the construction of these cables, but it also comes with a module to calculate the electrical properties of cables.

Give us a general idea of the competitive that CableBuilder faces in India through local or foreign suppliers.
In fact there is only one competitor: in-house development typically based on Microsoft Excel. However, at some point companies do realize that this approach is not sustainable. It creates problems in sharing the information in the company, keeping the product data consistent and up to date. The good thing is that CableBuilder has powerful integrations with Microsoft Excel, so a lot of existing information can be reused in the implementation or CableBuilder.

Given that power transmission & distribution is going to be a growth area in India, for several years to come, how do you see prospects for CableBuilder in the subcontinent?
The current Indian government is stimulating infrastructure development, which is very encouraging. Integer Research recently published the expected growth for wire & cable consumption and India is a star with 5-6 per cent growth rate (CAGR, 2015-2020). We expect to extend our already strong base in India and serve many more customers in the years ahead!
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