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Innovation has been Su-Kam’s mantra from inception

Venugopal Pillai ,  Friday, February 12, 2016, 14:35 Hrs  [IST]

Praveen Kumar Jain Sukam.jpg—Praveen Kumar Jain, Marketing – Global Business, Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd.

Su-Kam is known to be a homegrown company with a clear focus on launching innovative products. Tell us about this penchant for innovation.
Su-Kam was the first company in the industry to institute its own R&D unit which has won recognition from the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India. Su-Kam’s award winning R&D unit has 40 highly experienced and qualified people. The company has filed over 100 patents and continues to innovate on a regular basis.
Su-Kam has developed Solar DC applications for rural areas at very affordable prices. It also developed world’s first touch-screen and Wi-Fi enabled solar power conditioning unit. Based on advanced MPPT technology, it can be monitored from anywhere in the world through laptop, tablet or phone. A company that always strives to provide its customers energy efficient products at affordable prices, Su-Kam developed the highest efficiency inverter, Falcon High Back-Up UPS. It is the first inverter to have received four-star rating from Bureau of Energy Efficiency. To promote energy efficient products in the market Su-Kam has developed an innovative device called Electro-scopie that can compare any two electronic devices for its efficiency.
Also among the company’s recent innovations are Remote Monitoring solutions for solar and UPS, first solar hybrid home UPS (Brainy and Brainy Eco) affordable for mass market.
Innovation has been Su-Kam’s mantra from the time of its inception. The company has been a trend setter in terms of innovation. Among its firsts include, India’s first MOSFET based inverter, first microcontroller based inverter, first plastic body inverter, first sine wave based inverter, first inverter to run air conditioner and many more.

The UPS industry is seeing a clear dominance of multinationals that have bought over Indian companies. How do you see a strong domestic name like SuKam in the company of foreign players?
Su-Kam has set a standard for itself, which no foreign player can replicate. We have been in this industry for so many years, that we are very familiar with the pulse of the market. We provide customized solutions which are the need of the Indian customers. We will be shortly launching an entire range of online UPS with in-house state-of-the-art technology which will have efficiency never seen before. Such breakthrough innovations will definitely change the entire marketing dynamics. Our range of UPS is not just extremely high in the energy efficiency quotient but they are also available at affordable prices.
As we understand, solar-based power storage systems are clearly emerging as your focus area. Discuss how you see the potential of solar-based UPS products as opposed to the conventional ones.
In India there is a huge scope for solar as large parts of rural India are still not electrified. These areas do not have the infrastructure for electricity from the utility grid. In rural areas independent DC system, mini-grid and micro grid are the good options in addition to conventional solar PV system. We have done huge off-grid projects of solar-based power storage successfully.

Last year, Su-Kam introduced its off-grid solar-based backup solution, targeted, among others, to petrol pumps. How has been the market response?
Su-Kam is the first company that came up with innovative products for petrol pumps. We have done hundreds of installations in most Indian states. We have even upgraded the technology from PWM to MPPT to give maximum mileage to our customers. The market response has been overwhelming.
To give you an example Su-Kam recently installed a solar system at a petrol pump in Panipat. The solar system cost the owner Rs.5.25 lakh. However, he recovered it within 10 months. Non-dependence on fuel guzzling diesel generators led to a saving of Rs.50-60 thousand per month.
Moreover, at present we have a huge number of queries and orders for petrol pump and other high end solutions.

When it comes to solar, do you feel that solar-based systems will eventually be used not for just power backup but also as a conscious alternative to grid power (even if available), during the day time?
Most states in India have launched net metering and feeding tariff policy, so there is definitely a strong drive to promote clean solar energy. More and more institutional and government sectors are opting for solar energy to cut down on electricity consumption from the grid thereby reducing their electricity bills immensely. For instance the 1 MW solar plant installed at the prestigious Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh is helping the college run 50 per cent of its total load through solar and is also making an annual saving of Rs.1 crore for the college.
Similarly, Su-Kam installed a 90 KWp grid-tie solar power plant for Engineers India Ltd, Gurgaon. The state-of-the-art grid interactive solar system generates over 1.25 lakh units of electricity per year thereby helping EIL save over Rs.10 lakh in electricity consumption. Su-Kam has undertaken a similar rooftop project at NHPC, Faridabad wherein they are saving lakhs of rupees on electricity consumption annually. Thus, there is clearly a huge scope for solar in the near future.

Please summarize how solar-based systems can prove to be your company’s growth platform in the years to come.
Su-kam has developed a strong portfolio in both on-grid and off-grid systems. We have developed sophisticated solar products like charge controllers, solar inverters, solar PCU, solar panels, solar batteries and many more. We are also actively participating in government tenders, retail market through distributors, as well as focusing on corporate and industrial solar projects. Thus, Su-Kam is penetrating in all segments of market with complete product portfolio. We also offer customized solar solutions to our customers.
We are working on another cutting edge technology that will change the market dynamics. A hybrid system that will work as both on-grid and off-grid system is in the developing stage.
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