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New Products in March 2016

EM news bureau ,  Friday, March 18, 2016, 14:24 Hrs  [IST]

Amplon N1-3 kVA Series UPS

Delta, a manufacturer of power management and thermal management solutions, has launched its Amplon N 1-3 kVA series uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in India. Delta’s Amplon N series UPS applies the latest technologies and high-quality components designed specifically for mission critical equipment and applications to enhance the overall competency of power protection for small power rating loads.  The Amplon N1-3kVA series are single-phase UPS systems with online double-conversion topology that provide a stable and reliable sine-wave power supply. Its leading product advantages, such as an output power factor of 0.9 and AC-AC efficiency up to 93%, add more value to a customer’s business operations. These features not only provide secure power protection for a customer’s mission critical devices, but also lower their operating costs. The LCD panel used in the Amplon N1-3kVA series offers a more straightforward display and easier management. The compact design creates a smaller footprint, saving more space for mission critical applications such as workstations, POS, ATMs and medical equipment.

Inrush current limiters from TDK

TDK Corporation has announced the launch of the P27 series of EPCOS NTC inrush current limiters (ICLs) with a nominal disk diameter of 27 mm and lead spacing of 7.5 mm, thus extending the portfolio of large NTC ICLs for industrial electronics applications. The high material density of the new NTC ICLs enables a volume-efficient, high-performance design with a disk thickness of just =7 mm. The new P27 series with the ordering code B57127P0*M301 features extremely stable and reliable electrical characteristics. It offers a rated resistance of 0.5? to 10? at 25°C and can handle high currents of up to 30A, depending on type. NTC ICLs offer very low power dissipation in both AC and DC circuits.  The coating material of the P27 series of ICLs is flame retardant and UL 94 V-0 approved. The new components are RoHS-compatible and UL approved (E69802). Samples of the P27 series are available. Main applications include large electric motors and drives and all kinds of high watt power supplies; and welding and plasma cutting equipment.

CP to roll out new light towers

Chicago Pneumatic is to launch two new light towers. The new V15s are the first models in the Chicago Pneumatic range to use a heavy-duty polyethylene (PE) canopy. This new canopy coupled with the light tower’s small size, ease of transportation and fuel-efficient performance ensure that the new models meet the demands of a variety of applications. To facilitate productivity by allowing workers to operate safely in any ambient light conditions the V15 range has two models. The CPLT V15 comes with metal halide technology, while the CPLT V15 LED features LED lighting technology and can light an area approximately 25 per cent larger, while proving additional fuel efficiency benefits. A Kubota EPA Tier 4 engine powers both options, and to ensure operational efficiency as well as fuel efficiency the units are equipped with a 28-gallon fuel tank. In practical terms this allows the light towers to operate for many days without the need to refuel, helping to maximise productivity and illumination time.

Zolio range from Luminous

Luminous has announced the proposed launch of its modular switches business in India to further strengthen its strong home electrical portfolio which already includes fans, wires, solar applications and power back up solutions.  The tagline “Our Game is Style” underlines the unique style of the range of Luminous switches with its bold, modern and innovative designs.  uminous modular switches have a world class pedigree and offer the consumers the highest levels of quality and functionality. The designs and color present some unique style options to consumers. One of the highlights is a ‘first of its kind laser design’ on the switches to give them a sense of modern and personal touch.  The first range of Luminous switches – ZOLIO, is the outcome of some truly world class customer-centric research and development. (Photograph shown is for representation only)

Maxwell Ultracapacitor Cell

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXWL), a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitor-based energy storage and power delivery solutions, announced the newest addition to its K2 family with a 3-volt (3V), 3,000-farad ultracapacitor cell, now available in sample quantities. With 31 percent higher power than Maxwell's leading 2.7-volt, 3,000-farad cell in the industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical form factor, customers now have the flexibility to either increase available power and energy in the same volume or significantly cost-optimize their system designs with fewer cells or modules while maintaining the same power and energy.  The new 3V cell design also incorporates Maxwell's proprietary DuraBlue™ Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology to provide three times the vibrational resistance and four times the shock immunity of previous ultracapacitor-based competitive offerings, which will maximize life in demanding transportation environments such as onboard rail, hybrid bus and other applications.

Measuring System from Siemens

Siemens has developed a low-cost multichannel current measuring system for small and medium-sized companies. The modular system of type 7KT PAC1200 measures the energy consumption of up to 96 consumers and displays the data graphically via a web application. The measured data can also be transferred into existing power monitoring systems. The system was developed for use, for example, in data centers, office buildings, commercial kitchens, and breweries where there are a large number of individual power consumers. Users can easily install the system in the power distribution board and get a fast, uncomplicated means of recording and comparing the energy consumption of all consumers in the company. Accurate time and cost data is also provided. This system makes power consumption transparent and reveals energy guzzlers and avoidable peak loads. As a result, companies can take more specific measures to save energy and thereby save costs.

SCH322X controllers from Microchip

Microchip Technology Inc., a provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, has announced the new SCH322X family of feature-rich and flexible I/O controllers customised to the needs of industrial and embedded computing designers. This next-generation product family features smaller packages and long product lifecycles, and allows for more cost-effective industrial and embedded applications. The SCH322X is available in both commercial and industrial operating temperature versions. The SCH322X Super I/O family offers users a combination of products for industrial and embedded applications.  Each product in the family contains a different feature set, combining serial ports, parallel ports, and PS/2 with flexible General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) capability and world-class temperature and voltage monitoring, which enables the design of more cost-effective industrial applications.  This SCH322X product family is offered in area-efficient BGA packages to enable the most compact board designs, a release from Microchip said. 

NTL Lemnis has launched an innovative product “Pharox Scoop Spot light”.  Pharox Scoop has a sleek and unique design for enhancing décor of any retail space. Pharox Scoop spot lights is ideal solution for all spot lighting needs where luminaire aesthetics and optical performance is of utmost importance. This powerful recessed spotlight blends perfectly with the décor to provide the best in class lighting experience. It gives a high efficacy thereby consuming            g significantly lesser energy and offers longer life. Its pressure die cast aluminium body ensures efficient heat dissipation and long life of the light source and it can be rotated freely up to 320°. Pharox Scoop also offers Zoom in-Zoom out feature to adjust light output as per requirement. This latest NTL Lemnis product is designed for multiple applications like Shop windows, Shopping malls, Museums, Retail Showrooms, Art galleries, hotels, Event venues, etc. The Pharox Scoop Spot Lights stand out from the crowd and its unique features make it very attractive for retail space adjustments, a release from NTL Lemnis said.

Non-Contact Thermometer DT-9862S

This infra Red VIDEO Thermometer is capable of non-contact (infrared) temperature measurements with visual camera (for both still and video photography) at the touch of a button. The built-in laser pointer increases target accuracy while the backlight LCD and handy push-buttons combine for convenient, ergonomic operation. This IR VIDEO Thermometer can be used to measure the surface temperature of the objects that is improper to be measured by traditional (contact) thermometer (such as moving object, the surface with electricity current or the objects which are uneasy to be touched.) The High Distance to sighting ratio helps to measure temperature of small targets from larger distance. The Dual Laser helps to understand the diameter of the area whose temperature is being measured. For precise temperature measurement we need to make sure that both the lasers fall within the target. Adjustable emissivity helps to measure temperature of wide variety of substances. With JPEG and AVI record function it becomes easier to establish and record time related events with proof.

Data Logging with real time and date stamp can be done for collecting data. It has a 2.2” TFT LCD display, 640*480 pixels (30 million pixels). It comes with re-chargeable battery and battery charger. It has auto data hold and Max/Min/Avg/Diff. Record facility. The distance to sighting ratio is 50:1. The emissivity is adjustable from 0.10 to 1.00. The temperature range is -50 to 2200 Degree C. It also measures atmospheric temperature, dew point & wet bulb temperature and humidity. For more details please visit www.cem-instruments.in or write email to info@cem-instruments.in

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