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Agilent announces high-performance wave signal analyzer

EM NEWS BUREAU ,  Monday, May 09, 2011, 16:36 Hrs  [IST]

Untitled - 31.jpgAgilent Technologies Inc. has announced that its PXA signal analyzer is now the industry's highest performance millimeter-wave signal analyzer, covering frequencies up to 50 GHz. With external mixing, it can cover 325 GHz and beyond. The result is easier, more accurate millimeter-wave measurements.

 The PXA delivers a level of performance at millimeter-wave frequencies that is unmatched by competing solutions, offering the industry's most accurate, sensitive and frequency-stable signal analysis. Its ability to measure small signals in the presence of very large signals is unparalleled and enables customers to develop the most advanced radar, surveillance and wireless communications systems. Extending this performance to 325 GHz and beyond allows customers to develop technology for advanced radio astronomy research and new imaging techniques used in the medical and air travel industries.

"As frequencies move into the millimeter range, the ability to make good spectrum and other signal measurements gets significantly tougher," said Guy Séné, Vice President & General Manager of Agilent's Microwave and Communications Division. "As the industry's highest performance millimeter wave signal analyzer, the PXA is able to simplify these measurements, while ensuring our customers still get the accurate results they demand," he added.

The robust hardware design of the PXA delivers outstanding sensitivity and wide dynamic range. To further enhance these inherent hardware capabilities, the PXA uses exclusive technologies like low noise path and Noise Floor Extension (NFE) to remove distortion noise and further widen dynamic range. This allows the PXA to measure the smallest of signals in the presence of very large signals, a task that has challenged test engineers and is critical to designing and testing leading-edge millimeter wave systems.

As a result, the PXA allows customers to measure the most demanding devices and push their designs to unprecedented performance levels.
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