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PF controllers for harsh environments by EPCOS

EM NEWS BUREAU ,  Monday, May 09, 2011, 16:53 Hrs  [IST]

Untitled - 32.jpgTDK-EPC, a group company of the TDK Corporation, has extended its range of power factor controllers with a heavy duty version of the EPCOS BR6000 controller. The new EPCOS BR6000-HD is particularly well suited for applications that place high demands on EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). The new controller can also be used in a significantly extended temperature range from -40 to +80 °C. This compares well with conventional controllers, which operate across a smaller temperature range of between - 20 and +60 °C.

The display of the BR6000-HD is also improved: the OLED technology used enables a high contrast of 2000:1, and thus offers a noticeably better readability. It displays 2 x 16 white characters on a black background, which are equally easily visible from a distance, in the dark and from unfavorable angles of vision.

Its other technical parameters and properties correspond to those of the standard BR6000 series. They include a user-friendly plain text menu (CZ/D/E/ES/F/NL/PL/PT/RU/TR), a multifunctional display and storage of various network and system parameters. These features are complemented by an intelligent control mode and various control algorithms as well as temperature monitoring.

The EPCOS BR6000-HD offers automatic initialization and is available in different versions for conventional and dynamic PFC systems. The most common types for conventional systems are the six-stage controller (BR6000-HD6) and the twelve-stage controller (BR6000-HD12).

The TDK-EPC product range for power factor correction includes controllers, capacitors, thyristormodules, contactors and chokes.

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What is reactive power?
Reactive power occurs whenever the phase angle between the current and voltage shifts. It is caused by inductive loads such as electric motors and transformers. Reactive power has no use, but is necessarily generated by power plants. Reactive power can be almost completely compensated by connecting-in power factor correction (PFC) capacitors. This reduces energy costs as well as environmental impacts.
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