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The future of the UPS market is very promising

EM NEWS BUREAU ,  Thursday, May 12, 2011, 12:12 Hrs  [IST]

Deepak Sharma.jpgDeepak Sharma, Director - Sales, Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions, Delta Group, India

Delta Group is the world's largest provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans, as well as a major source for power management solutions, components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. In an exclusive interaction, Deepak Sharma speaks about important issues in the power backup industry, and also discusses Delta's growth plans in this segment. Sharma feels that the UPS industry will continue to grow at a brisk pace, in keeping with the high demand for power from diverse industry verticals.

How do you assess the importance of UPS, inverters and other power conditioning equipment in a country like India where power shortages exist and the power quality too is largely found lacking?
The power backup market in India is about Rs.jpg3,600 crore which is a growth of around 9 per cent over the previous year. In this market, UPS holds a major share but some vendors would often combine other constituents like cooling along with power backup. With India's economy set to grow at a brisk pace and with the continued power deficit situation, the demand for alternate or backup power solutions in the form of generator sets, power inverters and UPS solution is expected to witness a healthy growth in the coming years. Encouraged by this buoyant growth, Delta will contribute significantly by offering solutions to industry for various applications specifically designed to protect mission critical information technology (IT) systems, telecommunications, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), network equipment and light industrial applications.

Untitled - 51.jpgThe future of the UPS market seems quite promising, as it finds application in industries as varied as telecom, process & industrial automation, IT, electronics & electrical, banking, SMBs, and several other industries.

At what rate do you think the Indian UPS industry will grow in the medium term? What will be the biggest demand drivers?
In today's scenario, UPS industry is growing at fast pace. The current technological trends for UPS product are: energy efficient products, high power density and compact size, modular construction, detailed monitoring of UPS through LCD displays, remote manageability and controls, combined form factor of rack/tower models, user configurability for application specific needs. In terms of configuration preference is being given to centralized UPS rather than distributed system. Also, customer expects customized solution rather than standard UPS products being offered to meet the specific need of application which vary from customer to customer, industry to industry and vertical to vertical.

Today the expectation and preference is given to vendors who can integrate UPS with batteries, alternate source like DG sets and static/automatic transfer switch to provide for complete power protection.

As we understand the Indian UPS industry in the lowest range (less than 600VA) is highly unorganized, resulting in inferior products entering the market. What is your view?
The biggest challenge today is to make the UPS systems sustainable especially with smaller UPS (600kVA). Delta provides solutions that drive sustainable growth around the globe, including efficiently using and conserving global resources, developing energy efficient products, reducing emissions, and protecting the environment.

Another challenge is to manufacture products keeping future needs in mind. Delta took this challenge and converted it into an opportunity with Delta UPS system. Delta UPS offer higher performance and efficiency with low running cost and increasingly functional design.

Keeping the above challenges in mind, Delta introduced Agilon VX 600VA line interactive which offers the best value and availability UPS to prevent damage and data losses caused by power fluctuations for home, offices and small businesses equipment.

India, as we perceive, does not have a sound manufacturing base for power electronics that go into the production of UPS. What is your opinion?
There are some strong players in the market with sound manufacturing base for power components. Delta is one of them. Delta Power Solution's has a manufacturing plant at Rudrapur in Uttarakhand. This is India's first green manufacturing facility and has a capacity of manufacturing UPS up to 4000kVA along with battery banks, harmonics filters, accessories and allied products to provide an end-to-end power backup solution. UPS assembly line is equipped with:
  • Latest equipment and fully automated test stations to perform full range of parametric test for ratings up to 500kVA (largest rating as single module)
  • Environment chamber to perform UPS burn-in test at elevated temperature
  • Variable voltage and frequency source for testing UPS as per practical site conditions and simulating worst case utility conditions
  • Pure resistive as well as variable power factor load to perform UPS full load test for practically all conditions and get rid of any infancy failure in UPS
Tell us how has UPS technology evolved at Delta over the years. In keeping with issues like Climate Change and ecological concerns, is there a conscious effort to make products "greener"?
Delta is not only focused on providing technologically superior products but also dedicated to a greener world for a better tomorrow. Delta's green factory in Rudrapur, India not only supports Delta's green mission, but helps localizing and customizing for specific Indian needs and conditions. Delta has experience of more than a decade in designing, manufacturing and marketing uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) globally which helps introduction of superior technology products and provide energy efficient and reliable solutions for a wide range of applications in the home, office, data centre and industry segments.

Untitled - 65.jpgDelta Uninterruptible Power System include, Line-Interactive and On-Line topologies ranging from 600VA to 4000KVA with high efficiency, improved parameters like near unity input power factor due PFC (power factor correction), inbuilt galvanic isolation, advanced battery replacement warning, lightning and surge protection, compact dimension and high power density, low harmonic distortion of the mains supply, and many more features that reduce both capital and opeating expenditure for the end customers.

Delta has an impressive installation base with regional support centers all over India and the SAARC region. Delta has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 for quality management system (QMS) and ISO 14001:2004 for environment management systems (EMS) certifications by Underwriters' Laboratories, USA, for Quality, Procedures, Environment management and OHSAS 18001 1999.

Is Delta planning new UPS launches in the short term?
Delta Power Solution is planning to introduce Delta Ultron DPS series which is a double-conversion, IGBT rectifier 3-phase UPS incorporated with state of art TLI (triple level inverter) topology. In possession of such advanced technology, the Ultron DPS is a new benchmark of data center backup power solution featuring high efficiency up to 96 per cent. Delta supports its customers through a dedicated team of FAE (Field Application Engineers) who examine and study the load profile, the existing supply conditions and the environment before suggesting a reliable power management solution.

 India's power generation is likely to improve after 2013 given the new capacity under construction. Will improved power availability affect the prospects of the UPS industry?
India is growing day after day across all the verticals and so are the power requirements. Manufacturing, textile, banking, industries and IT these are the major verticals that are highly dependent on the power back-up. Even if the utility power scenario improves in India; it will still not be able to fulfill 100 per cent power requirements of these industries. Hence UPS industries prospects will remain bright and it will further grow along with these verticals.
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